Le Crunch Apple Production

French apple growers take great care of their orchards, which is one of the first steps to ensure that Le Crunch apples reach the shop shelves in perfect condition.

Beautiful and healthy

Throughout the year, our apple growers manage their orchards, trees and fruits in a way that respects the environment in order to produce a quality fruit that tastes great, and looks beautiful and healthy.

Some fruit for thought

Europe’s total apple crop equals 10 million tons per year, across 1.5 million acres of orchards. Europe produces almost 20 percent of the global apple supply. Apple growers live by the seasons, keeping an eye on weather changes and observing the progress of their orchards. Le Crunch Apples French growers are very proud of the apples they care for, and their motto is “nature is our craft”.
More than half of Le Crunch apples are produced following the guidelines of The Pomiculteurs de France’s new charter identified by the label “Eco-friendly Orchards”. (See below for more information on the label “Eco-friendly Orchards”) Next, let’s look at the steps involved in this.


After the apple grower selects a variety of apple suitable to the local environment, s/he must wait for 4 to 5 years for the orchard to produce apples. In order to encourage good growth of the fruit, the apple grower fertilises the ground (with an organic and mineral fertiliser) and keeps a close eye on vegetal growth.

Winter Cold

The apple tree needs a period of winter cold to stimulate fructification but it is sensitive to spring frosts that can destroy its flowers or “burn” the growing fruit. The apple growers, when alerted to frosty conditions, put in place a watering system that forms a thin layer of ice surrounding the fruit. This protects the fruit as it keeps the temperature within the apple constant.

Integrated Control

Integrated pest control methods regulate fighting against pests or disease. These methods mean that the trees are not treated as soon as any pests appear, but from the moment when these attacks reach a critical level. The apple grower uses insect traps that check the number of pests and addresses whether or not it is necessary to treat the


During springtime, the apple grower keeps a close watch on the flowering process: bees pollinate the flowers and encourage fruit growth. At this stage, the apple grower will carry out a first thinning in order to optimise the quantity of fruit per branch. As the fruit grow, the apple grower carries out a qualitative thinning: s/he removes small and badly shaped apple in order to encourage the growth of the good fruit.

The Harvest

Depending on their ripeness (levels of starch are measured), the apples are either picked at “consumption” ripeness, which means for immediate consumption, or at “picking” ripeness for stocking and consumption later. The fruit is separated gently from the branch with its stalk intact. It is handled with care and is packed in boxes.

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